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Bridge The Gap  is an advocacy group of experts  committed to social development in Armenia. We believe we can set the foundations of a modern, secure, efficient, sustainable and just state through strong and fair governance.


We empower women on the frontlines of injustice to work together and transform their communities; we promote women’s economic empowerment and ending violence against women and girls.


We are working to back young people to beat injustice and transform the future by using a dedicated leadership guidance; we are mentoring young people to increase their confidence and to change their own lives.


We are Encouraging and facilitating rural communities to adopt an integrated approach to economy and agriculture;  work towards achieving better returns and financial success in partnership with the industry and institutions and in the face of rapid technological developments, climate change and diversification.

Field of work

Capacity Building

Working to obtain, retain and improve the skills and knowledge crucial to accomplishing a set of strategic objectives which are most often to build a scalable and sustainable community.

Social Development

Working to ensure social, economic and political inclusion to maximise opportunities for all women, men and youth; with the participation of the poor and the most vulnerable and excluded people.

Community Network

Working to allow people to connect and share information and ideas with others via updated platform in order to, among other things, promote awareness, recruit followers, and raise money.

Effective Participation

Working to encourage people to commit themselves to achieving the objectives of the project, involving them in the design, implementation, and evaluation of projects for the best outcomes.

Formulationg Policies

Working to formulate policies and basic procedures with stackeholders that elaborate a clear vision and objectives including on how to monitor and evaluate impact of the projects.

Innovation Mentoring

Working to nurture, network, and mentor youth and early stage entrepreneurs to increase the capacity of managing and leading through training courses, forums, workshops and boost camps.

Your problem is to bridge the gap which exists between where you are now and the goal you intend to reach.

– Earl Nightingale

We build too many walls and not enough bridges.

– Isaac Newton

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